Mobile Web Patterns with Backbone.js

Mobile Web Patterns
with Backbone.js

an ebook by Nick Gauthier


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This ebook contains 13 patterns, each solving a real problem that Backbone.js developers face while creating web applications. By dividing a web application into a collection of patterns, it's easy for readers to focus on a specific pattern in isolation, or read them all from front to back to understand how to build your entire application.

Some of the patterns have been extracted into re-usable mixins, while others are shown implemented in example scenarios. It's clear to see how each pattern is applied, and in some cases the mixins can be copied and pasted directly from the book.



All the code in this book is written in CoffeeScript. CoffeeScript is a wonderful language that makes code much easier to understand and read, which makes it perfect for an ebook. It is also a very powerful abstraction over JavaScript, and many of its features make working with Backbone.js much easier.

If you don't know CoffeeScript, don't worry: most of the differences you'll see are pretty straightforward, and you can look up the tougher differences in their online documentation.



Every chapter's code is not only tested, it's test driven. We will start each chapter with a problem that we're trying to solve. Next, we'll write a test that expresses the end-goal of the pattern. Then, we will iterate our solution until we pass our test. Often, we take it another step and write more tests to describe a superior behavior or style, and then iterate again on our solution.

Test-Driven Development is not only a great way to write code, it's also a great way to teach it. Test-Driven Development naturally presents the problem before the solution, creating a unique teaching experience.


Mobile Focus

This book has a mobile focus because most of the patterns were extracted from real applications targeted at mobile devices. That means these patterns are designed to tackle issues like high latency, low cpu, and low bandwidth environments. Not all of these patterns are mobile-specific, however, because being fast and responsive is just as important on a desktop application.

We won't be covering mobile-specific tactics like responsive design. This is a book about Backbone.js code, not HTML and CSS.


Full Source Code

All the source code in the book is available as part of your download. That means it's easy to copy the example code from the book, as well as the mixins, into your code base.

Additionally, the build-system used to run all the tests in the book is part of the source code. So if you'd like to modify a solution or a test and see if it works, it's easy to do.

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